Kelogsloops (Hieu Nguyen): la pittura diventa comunicazione

L'arte di Kelogsloops (Hieu Nguyen) è penetrante e ipnotica, curiosa e profonda, sperimentale e nel contempo vivida. Hieu Nguyen lascia un segno, questo è certo. Lo possiamo vedere anche dai recenti lavori esposti proprio in queste settimane alla Corey Helford Gallery, nel Group Show East/West fino al 17 febbraio. 

Australiano, studente universitario specializzato in Design, Hieu Nguyen quando non studia ama dipingere. Si legge nel suo sito:
Throughout my schooling years, I was always that ‘artsy kid’. Art has always been a huge factor in my life. It’s my therapeutic escape from everything, but most of all, it’s the way I can express things that are often hard to say or describe. 

E a guardare le sue opere possiamo affermare con certezza che le doti "comunicative" non gli mancano. I suoi soggetti escono dalla tela, coinvolgono l'osservatore creando un flusso espressivo  che si fonde con la realtà.

Se volessimo fissare l'inizio del percorso artistico di Hieu Nguyen potremo segnare sul calendario l'anno 2014:
At the time, I was still studying a different course (Physiotherapy). At the time, I had no intentions of doing art at all, with the idea that I’d just do it sometime later.  But I had this sudden urge to say to hell with it, I’m going to try my hardest to build a name as an artist, whilst studying towards this completely different career trajectory. I made a deal with myself – if I could commit each day and all my spare time towards drawing and practicing and if I can one day stand on my own two feet as an artist, then maybe I really did have something to prove of myself with my art. Maybe then, just maybe, I would give art my everything and really chase that dream. So I told my friend, ‘brb, chasing dreams’ #brbchasingdreams is a reminder.
Un promemoria per la "salvezza", per la propria passione, ossigeno per la vita stessa.
Quanti di voi vorrebbero vivere della propria arte?
It’s a reminder for me to draw, learn and challenge myself every single day and work towards my dream. It’s a reminder for me to pause the crap, and focus on what’s important to me. It’s a reminder that every day I am still chasing my dreams, with no intention of stopping.  A lot has changed since, but #brbchasingdreams still means exactly what it did to me those years ago. If anything, it means just as much. 
Raccontare storie attraverso dei dipinti. La pittura che si fa comunicazione per nuove narrative. Hieu Nguyen è un'anima giovane e le connessioni artistiche con pittori contemporanei si fanno sentire:
To name a few of my biggest inspirations, easily names like Lois van Baarle, Alice X Zhang, Wenqing Yan, Silvia Pelissero, Anna Dittmann and Audrey Kawasaki to name a few. Each of these artists have been my inspirations from the very start, and are still the driving forces behind my work today. I view each of them as masters, gods in their own respects because they all have something so inherently about them, whether it be their capacity to tell stories, convey emotion or even their stylistic choices, they all inspire me to continually strive for a bigger goal.

Focus sui materiali utilizzati prima di immergerci nell'arte di Kelogsloops (Hieu Nguyen):
I use primarily Winsor & Newton’s watercolours, but as of late I’ve been exploring different brands, particularly Daniel Smith’s watercolour range, which I am very quickly falling in love with!
E nella pittura digitale
I currently use a Wacom Intuos Pro, as well as Adobe Photoshop CC. When I first started out, I used a Wacom Intuos 4 that I was given by my late godfather and brother for Christmas, as well as Paint Tool SAI.  
Ora immergiamoci nella sperimentazione, nell'evoluzione e in quello che sarà l'opera di Kelogsloops (Hieu Nguyen).

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